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Director Leon Vance - NCIS

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Justin Bieber - by request

This was a special request work for some young fans.. enjoy!

Information Source: Wikipedia

Justin Drew Bieber
( /ˈbiːbər/ bee-bər, born March 1, 1994)[1] is a Canadian pop/R&B singer, songwriter and actor.[2][4] Bieber was discovered in 2008 by Scooter Braun,[8] who came across Bieber's videos on YouTube and later became his manager. Braun arranged for him to meet with Usher in Atlanta, Georgia, and Bieber was soon signed to Raymond Braun Media Group (RBMG), a joint venture between Braun and Usher,[9] and then to a recording contract with Island Records offered by L.A. Reid.[5][10] Bieber's debut single, "One Time", was released in 2009 and peaked in the top ten in Canada and charted in the top thirty in several international markets. His debut album, the seven-track EP My World, followed in November 2009, and was soon certified platinum in the United States. He became the first artist to have seven songs from a debut album chart on the Billboard Hot 100.[11]
Bieber's first full-length studio album, My World 2.0, was released in March 2010. It debuted at number one or within the top ten in several countries and was certified platinum in the United States. It was preceded by the worldwide top-ten single, "Baby". The music video of "Baby" is currently ranked as the most viewed and most discussed YouTube video.[12] Bieber followed-up the release of his debut album with his first headlining tour, the My World Tour, the remix albums My Worlds Acoustic and Never Say Never – The Remixes, and the 3D biopic-concert film Justin Bieber: Never Say Never – which had an opening weekend gross that nearly matched the record for the biggest opening weekend for a concert-film. Bieber released his second studio album, Under the Mistletoe in November 2011, which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. Bieber has received numerous awards, including Artist of the Year at the 2010 American Music Awards — and has been nominated for numerous awards, including Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Album at the 53rd Grammy Awards.

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Director Shepard - NCIS

Anthony "Tony" D. DiNozzo Jr. - NCIS

Anthony "Tony" D. DiNozzo Jr.[1] (/dɪˈnz/) Born July 19, 1968, Long Island, New York, is a fictional character from the CBS TV series NCIS. He is portrayed byMichael Weatherly.[2] Source: Wikipedia

David Keith McCallum, Jr. "Ducky" - NCIS

David Keith McCallum, Jr. (born 19 September 1933) is a Scottish actor and musician. He is best known for his roles as Illya Kuryakin, a Russian-born secret agent, in the 1960s television series The Man from U.N.C.L.E., as interdimensional operative Steel in Sapphire & Steel, and Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard in the series NCIS. Source: Wikipedia

Ziva David - NCIS

Ziva David (Hebrew: זיוה דויד, pronounced [ˈziva daˈvid], Ziva: "Brilliance", David: "Beloved"; English pronunciation: /ˈziːvə dəˈviːd/; born November 12, 1982, Be'er Sheva,Israel[1][2]) is a fictional character from the NCIS television series by CBS Television, portrayed by Chilean actress Coté de Pablo.

David was introduced in the Season 3 premiere episode "Kill Ari (Part 1)" and became a regular cast member from the episode "Silver War", replacing Caitlin "Kate" Todd, portrayed by Sasha Alexander who had been in the show from the first episode, "Yankee White" and was later killed at the hands of Ziva's half-brother, Ari Haswari in the last few seconds of the Season 2 finale, "Twilight".

Ziva was an agent of the Israeli Mossad, originally assigned to NCIS as a liaison officer, a position she held for four years until she returned to Mossad in the Season 6 finale, "Aliyah". After being presumed dead, she was eventually saved by Gibbs, Tony and McGee who brought her back to America to a reunion with Ducky and Abby.

Having recovered, Ziva later quit working for Mossad in Season 7 and became a probationary NCIS agent.

Upon passing her citizenship exam, Ziva was sworn in as a U.S. citizen with McGee, Ducky, Abby and Palmer being present at her ceremony.[3]

In the Season 9 premiere episode "Nature of the Beast", after being a Probie for nearly two or three years, Ziva finally earned her status as an NCIS Special Agent. Source: Wikipedia

Alfred Hitchcock

Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock, KBE (13 August 1899 – 29 April 1980)[2] was a British film director and producer.[3] He pioneered many techniques in the suspense andpsychological thriller genres. After a successful career in British cinema in both silent films and early talkies, Hitchcock moved to Hollywood. In 1956 he became an American citizen while remaining a British subject.

Over a career spanning more than half a century, Hitchcock fashioned for himself a distinctive and recognisable directorial style.[4] He pioneered the use of a camera made to move in a way that mimics a person's gaze, forcing viewers to engage in a form of voyeurism.[5] He framed shots to maximise anxiety, fear, or empathy, and used innovativefilm editing.[5] His stories frequently feature fugitives on the run from the law alongside "icy blonde" female characters.[6] Many of Hitchcock's films have twist endings and thrilling plots featuring depictions of violence, murder, and crime, although many of the mysteries function as decoys or "MacGuffins" meant only to serve thematic elements in the film and the extremely complex psychological examinations of the characters. Hitchcock's films also borrow many themes from psychoanalysis and feature strong sexual undertones. Through his cameo appearances in his own films, interviews, film trailers, and the television program Alfred Hitchcock Presents, he became a cultural icon.

Hitchcock directed more than fifty feature films in a career spanning six decades. Often regarded as the greatest British filmmaker, he came first in a 2007 poll of film critics in Britain's Daily Telegraph, which said: "Unquestionably the greatest filmmaker to emerge from these islands, Hitchcock did more than any director to shape modern cinema, which would be utterly different without him. His flair was for narrative, cruelly withholding crucial information (from his characters and from us) and engaging the emotions of the audience like no one else."[7][8] The magazine MovieMaker has described him as the most influential filmmaker of all-time,[9] and he is widely regarded as one of cinema's most significant artists.[10] Source: Wikipedia