Saturday, April 11, 2009

EDM #19 - Draw something you've made

Here's a drawing of a clay kangaroo I made back in the 3rd grade.
I made different animal figurines, but this one disappeared for about 7 years.
I did not re-discover it until I found it again during an art class I was taking in my 10th grade year.


Megha Chhatbar said...

Lucky to find it again..:)
Art on Sketchbook

Lindart said...

Cute! When I was in Community College for art, I "lost" a large drawing that I had worked on for weeks and weeks, of an upside down ice-cream scoop. with all the reflections in the bowl. I loved it - and one day it disappeared. I guess someone else liked it too. I know it will never show up, but I still go to garage sales hoping someone doesn't want it anymore! I'm glad you found your kangaroo!