Friday, November 22, 2013

Songopoly by Ric Chapman

I really love how social media presents so many exciting work opportunities.

Several months ago, I was contacted by the Bermuda TV game show host of Songopoly, Ric Chapman.  

In response to Ric's request for artwork, I produced quite a few drawings of famous musicians that have been used in a new Apple app by the same name.

Check out this new app from Ric Chapman.
 Ric and the programmers did a really great job putting it together!

App Shopper Trivia Game

Additional Info...

Everyone listens to some kind of music, knows things from that genre, and the SONGOPOLY app provides for all tastes. If you know who the lead singer of U2 is, or where Paul McCartney was born, or what great artist was known affectionately as will be a star at SONGOPOLY. It has 30 stages of easy to plough through music trivia, to start with, and you must get through all questions correctly in a stage before you can progress.
Along the way you'll encounter some WHO AM I brain teasers as well, and these come with magnificent and unique portrait drawings of your favourite musical stars.
These extraordinary life-like drawings, can be used as screen savers too - a must for say every Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber or Rod Stewart fan....just to name a few.
But be warned - the fun is in answering the music based questions correctly - the funny part, however, starts when you get a question wrong. Ridicule, scorn, embarrassment and insult will be flung your way. Be prepared to cop it verbally if you slip up. This app is frustratingly addictive and will take quite a while to master.

There are 20 more stages to buy once you've taken the hours needed to progress through the first 30 stages and the 30 WHO AM I tasks.

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